Treating over a Distance – in Subspace

scioQuantumThe SCIO utilizes the principals of quantum physics therefore a client can be tested and balanced over a distance. The term used is that “the client is balanced in subspace”.

Prof Bill Nelson, the brainchild and developer of the SCIO device, provides an explanation on the principals of subspace in his book Promorpheus. (See

If a client is balanced over a distance (in subspace) similar benefits as when the client is hooked up to the SCIO, can be achieved. The direct interaction between the practitioner and the client, which also constitutes a therapeutic benefit, is however lost. Many benefits are achieved which includes travel time, inconvenience, scheduling problems, treatment required when out of town, etc.

Group Balancing

The balancing of clients in subspace also creates the opportunity to work on groups of clients simultaneously. Clients can be grouped in uniform groups where each individual can receive therapy which will collectively benefit the group.

Suggested groups benefiting from such therapy:

  • Babies
  • Pre-school children
  • Primary school children
  • High school children
  • Children with learning difficulties e.g. ADD or ADHD
  • Children with “bad behaviour”
  • Autistic children
  • Autistic adults
  • Persons with Tourette Syndrome
  • Sportspersons and top athletes
  • Depressed persons
  • Persons suffering from chronic fatigue
  • Older men
  • Older women