Reasons You Should Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp

himalayan-salt-lampIf you do not have a Himalayan Salt Lamp, you are missing many benefits. It is like the open window on your side that is providing you with fresh air. The best part is that you can enjoy this air anywhere and anytime you like.

If you still do not consider Himalayan Salt Lamp as a beneficial thing to have in the house. Here are a few reasons that will make you go and buy one:

Cleanse and deodorize the air

Most of the people use them because of their power to remove the unhealthy substances like dust, bacteria, germs, smoke and other pollutants from the air. You might be wondering that how a chunk of salt can do this.

They have the special power of hygroscopy that makes it possible for them to cleanse the air. It works by absorbing the water molecules from the surrounding and the dirty that comes with it. Now because of the heat produced by the bulb the water will evaporate and you can breathe the fresh air.

Cause the reduction of asthma symptoms and allergy

As all the dust and other agents are removed from the air it means that all those agents are removed that might the cause of allergy. In the same way by the removal of the dust, it has become a major cause of reducing the symptoms of asthma.

Ease coughing

Most of the particles that are present in the air are the positive ions. They most consist of the cilia. When we inhale such particles, it causes disturbance in the trachea and thus leads to coughing.

The HPS lamps will when releases the absorbed air it turns them into the negative ions. They have the opposite effect on our windpipe and thus you will notice a reduction is coughing and the irritation of trachea.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Enhance The Energy Levels

You might have noticed that taking a morning walk or spending time by the beach or walking a track through the mountains increase your energy levels and makes you feels fresh. The reason behind it is that all such areas are filled with the negative ions.

Himalayan Salt Lamp will provide you with the same effect. Thus, it will allow you to have a fresh start in the morning. Not only that it will boost your energy level the whole day by providing you with a healthy amount of negative ions.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – Sound Sleep

The positive ions of the air also have a negative effect on the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and tissues that result in improper sleep pattern. However, the negative ions have an opposite effect and that can only be made possible in your home because of HPS lamps. It will enhance the oxygen level to the brain and thus you will have a sound sleep.

So gain all such benefits it is important that you have a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home. Keep them near you to have a healthy life.

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