The Benefits Of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps And Why You Should Get One

Enhance the beauty of your living space while cultivating a sense of warmth, positivity and well-being for your family. Himalayan salt lamps act as natural ionizer and air cleansers, neutralizing the electromagnetic frequencies commonly emitted by the numerous modern appliances throughout your home. Simply switch it on and enjoy the gorgeous glow as the lamp’s naturally negative ions cleanse and nurture your home’s loving atmosphere.

him-salt-lampsMade from pure crystalline salt, the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp emits negatively charged ions, which work to neutralise electromagnetic radiation and provide a calming, cleansing effect. Place it in a room where electrical appliances are commonly used – the kitchen, the living room, the study – and let the natural negative ions get to work.

Families use these wonderful salt lamps to improve immune system strength, promote healthy sleeping patterns and even combat depression. Therapists, meditation instructors and spa owners also use the lamps to create a welcoming ambience, promote healing and encourage relaxation.

 The lamp uses a 15-watt pygmy globe with a screw-in fitting.


  • Leave your Himalayan crystal salt lamp switched on for a continuous source of healing negative ions.
  • To clean the lamp, switch it off and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.
  • If the lamp is switched off for a few days or longer, cover it with an airtight bag to prevent the accumulation of moisture.
  • Use a quality electric lead and globe, or use a USB lead to plug your lamp directly into your computer and save electricity.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Sizes And Weight


Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: Natural Shape

  • Small (2kg-4kg)
  • Medium (4.1kg-6kg)
  • Large (6.1kg-8kg)
  • Xlarge (8.1kg-11kg)
  • XXlarge (11.1kg-15kg)
  •  XXXlarge (15.1kg-20kg)
  •  XXXXlarge (20.1kg-25kg)

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Other Himalayan Salt Lamp Shapes And Designs


Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: Ball


Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: Cylinder

  • 20cm height
  • 30cm height


Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: Lotus


Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: Fire Bowl



Approximate Delivery Costs:

0-10kg: R115


20kg: R155