Tranquillity meaning : Calm, Serene and Undisturbed, has adopted the herb, Lavender, as it’s symbol.  Lavender has many benefits.  Detoxifying and balancing being but two.

Both are very important in TSS’ vision. TSS offers important components for body balancing, utilizing the Scio Device, a range of products related to skin healing and various other items that assist with mind relaxation.

In addition, a connection to an amazing range of aromatherapy oils. Read more about the device on the related link page.

The products are not tested on animals and have various healing frequencies from the SCIO Device loaded.  The aromatherapy oils have been developed over a period of  30 plus years by a dedicated and highly skilled aroma therapist. Various oils that have been stored on a Tri Vortex are used in these products.

Our goal is to help restore wholeness and wellness to all that seek it.

Life is about balance!